Decoding The Oligoscan Test


The Oligoscan Test has the ability to detect physiological imbalances in the body. This instrument not only takes care of health, but also aims to restore the essential oligo-mineral balance for human well-being.

The basis of the test is spectrophotometry, a technique that analyzes the interaction of light with biological components. This compact device is connected to a computer and allows for precise and direct measurements. What was once a long and sometimes painful process, such as blood extraction, has become a quick and painless examination that can be done directly in the doctor’s office. While this does not replace a blood test, it does serve its purpose of obtaining valuable data on minerals, trace elements, oxidative stress, and the presence of heavy metals.

An exceptional feature is its ability to provide results in record time. Patients can see their analysis values in just a few minutes and understand their own health more comprehensively. This immediate access to information not only eliminates uncertainty but also promotes informed decision-making about diet, lifestyle, and necessary treatments.

In addition to its speed and convenience, the Oligoscan Test also stands out for the measurements it takes. Instant mineral analysis provides a deep understanding of mineral deficiencies and excesses in the body. This information is crucial as minerals play a fundamental role in numerous biological processes. The detection of heavy metals is equally crucial as exposure to these elements can have long-term harmful effects on health. By identifying potential intoxications, the device allows for early interventions.

Oxidative stress is another aspect that is evaluated. This biochemical phenomenon, related to the imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to neutralize them, has been associated with various diseases. By measuring levels of oxidative stress, doctors can identify potential risks and work on disease prevention. With the Oligoscan Test, health is truly in the palm of your hand.

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