Intracellular NAD® Test

What is NAD, and why is it important to measure it?

NAD is a coenzyme present in all living cells. It plays an essential role in many cellular processes, such as repairing damaged DNA to prevent cancer, eliminating aged cells, mitochondrial function, regulating sleep and immune response, as well as reducing inflammation and free radicals. NAD catalyzes reactions for over 500 enzymes, including those involved in cellular energy production (ATP). Low levels of NAD are linked to loss of function and vitality, as well as many age-related diseases.

Do you have a NAD deficiency?

Measure your NAD level to find out and take action accordingly. Achieving an optimal level of NAD is the starting point for prolonging health and improving performance. Ideally, NAD levels should be measured initially and, more importantly, after NAD supplementation. This test provides real-time and concrete data to help you find an effective and affordable product, as well as the right dosage to optimize your NAD level.

Imagine being able to repair damaged DNA, prevent age-related diseases, and increase your cellular energy level. With NAD, all this is possible.

Our NAD test will provide you with a unique and personalized insight into your cellular health, allowing you to take control and act proactively to improve your well-being.

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