Alergies and Food Sensitivities Test

The IgG and IgE food test, known as the Allergies and Food Sensitivities Test, is a blood analysis used to evaluate the body’s immune response to specific foods.

By measuring the levels of specific IgG and IgE antibodies for certain foods, it aims to identify potential food allergies and/or sensitivities.

The test has the capability to measure 295 allergens and 286 antigens, by covering a wide range of potential allergic triggers and components present in various foods.

Undergoing an allergies and food sensitivities test provides the advantage of identifying food items to which one is sensitive, enabling the avoidance of adverse symptoms like inflammation, and allowing the adoption of a personalized diet for overall optimal well-being.

The results will be available within 2 weeks. Once obtained, our highly trained medical team will proceed to interpret them and provide personalized recommendations with the goal of improving your overall well- being.

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