VO2 Master

A novel approach to performance data analysis and RMR (Resting Metabolic

The VO2 Master is a device used to measure oxygen consumption during exercise, known as maximal oxygen consumption or VO2 max. With real-time data, the VO2 Master offers valuable insights to assess your cardiovascular capacity and physical condition, unlocking your athletic potential. 

With VO2 Master, you can accurately identify:  

Your peak output  

Speed (km/h) VO2 max (ml/kg/min) Heart rate (bpm) Ventilation (L/min), Tidal volume (liters), and Respiratory rate (bpm) 

Your ventilatory thresholds:  

The ventilatory threshold is a pivotal exercise point related to the body’s ability to sustain effort intensity. It correlates with metabolic shifts and fatigue, enabling continuous intensity maintenance in specific physical activities. 

You can observe:  

  • VT1 (Fatmax)  

Your first ventilatory threshold: the point where your body effectively starts burning fat. 

Measures: Speed (km/h), Heart rate (bpm), and Calories burned (kcal/h) 

  • VT2 (Anaerobic Threshold)  

Your second ventilatory threshold: sustainable performance at maximum exercise intensity. 

Measures: Speed (km/h), Heart rate (bpm), and Calories burned (kcal/h)

Benefits of our VO2 Master assessment:  

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