Who We Are?

We are a clinic specialized in antiaging and longevity medicine, dedicated to slowing down the aging process, prolonging the health of our patients, and combating age-related diseases.


Our mission is to provide excellent medical care based on scientific evidence and ethical principles. We aim to educate our patients through a team of healthcare professionals, to delay the aging process, extend health, and combat age-related diseases. We achieve this by combining approved preventive medicine treatments with continuous training, education, and technological innovation.

equipo de trabajo antiaging panama
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Our vision is to become the leading rejuvenation center in Panama and Central America, known for improving and extending the quality of life of our patients. We strive to meet the highest standards of quality, safety, and technology, supported by a compassionate medical team, recognized for their quality of service, ethics, and professionalism.


We maintain a transparent and honest approach, focused on the comfort of our patients.

We work as a team to achieve the best practices and innovation in providing the highest quality care for our patients and their families. We are committed to continuously improving everything we do.

Each of our team members demonstrates through their actions a patient-centered approach and the ability to enhance their performance quality through proactive behaviors that surpass qualitative and quantitative goals.

We undertake tasks aimed at achieving the best outcomes and take an active role in our daily work, both within the clinic and in society.

The familiar and supportive attitude of our professionals, combined with their enthusiasm, maximizes the utilization of our resources and enhances satisfaction for our patients and their families.

We recognize that change is inevitable and that adaptability determines future success. Therefore, we promote, encourage, and facilitate actions for each of our team members to update, strengthen, and develop new skills and knowledge.

Dr Javier Garrido Director medico antiaging panama ok

Dr. Javier Garrido – Medical director

Since graduating from university in 2016, I have dedicated myself to learning and growing both personally and professionally to enhance the quality of life for my patients. I have invested countless hours studying, researching, and honing my skills to offer my patients not only effective treatments but also understanding and support on their journey towards a healthier and fuller life.

I am a firm believer in lifelong learning, which has led me to earn a Master’s in Stem Cell Therapy, a Master’s in Anti-Aging and Longevity Medicine, and to continuously update my knowledge through annual attendance at conferences and completion of specialized courses.

My focus is on understanding the mechanisms of various chronic diseases to provide personalized treatment aimed at addressing the root causes rather than just the symptoms. For me, medicine is not only about curing illnesses but also about accompanying individuals on their journey towards comprehensive well-being.

Dra. Gabriela Ponte Jaén

Since I decided to study medicine, my mission has been clear: to employ my knowledge to positively impact people’s lives. This determination led me to certify in cellular therapy, a fascinating field where I see the opportunity to provide innovative treatments that have the potential to significantly transform the quality of life of my patients. Each advancement fills me with hope and renewed commitment to my medical work, knowing that every step I take brings me closer to helping those who trust me for their well-being.

Dra Gabriela Ponte Jaén antiaging panama
Madeleine Rodríguez Equipo de enfermera antiaging panama

Madeleine Rodríguez

Nurse team

Noemi Saray Recepcionista antiaging panama

Noemi Saray


Genesis Morillo Coordinador de paciente antiaging panama

Genesis Morillo

Patient Coordinator

María Luz Avilés Gerente Administrativa antiaging panama

María Luz Avilés

Administrative manager

Diana Moscoso Coordinadora de paciente antiaging panama

Maria Naveros

Laboratory equipment

Yineidys Valles Asistente administrativa antiaging panama

Yineidys Valles

Administrative manager